JustTRAC jt102 Rental Option:

The jt102 is a battery-operated personal GPS tracker developed as a safety and support option for riders or athletes during “off-road” and race events. The unit has the same functions as the jt300, the only difference being shorter battery life and the jt102 is not sealed to be waterproof. Your rental will give you access to all features as a normal subscription without the long-term commitment! Please read below for more info.

The complete jt102 justTRAC solution includes a web tracking portal with the option to import the actual event route on the tracking portal. With this feature, the support crew can monitor the progress of the rider during the event directly on the route and are constantly informed on the progress or possible incidents.

The jt102 includes a panic button that alerts the SOS contact as well as sending the rider location at the time, which alerts the SOS contact and provides the current rider location.

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JT102 Rental Services

You asked, and we delivered!

You are now able to rent your tracker at all major races!

R200 gets you:

  • A tracker for the day ( all costs inclusive)
  • Mobile application for pit crew and family to track your progress.
  • SOS Alert Function will alert the team of your exact location should you require assistance or emergency retrieval.
  • Courtesy collection at the finish line.
  • Bookings can be done prior to events by filling in the contact form below. Payment can be made via EFT or using a provided Yoco link.
  • We accept walk-ins too! Grab your tracker on the day by visiting our gazebo.

Cash / Card / EFT accepted.

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