justTRAC jt20 Asset Tracker:

The jt20 is an asset tracker designed for security reasons to locate your asset in the event of theft.  You can easily install the jt20 on bikes, quads, trailers, caravans, boats, anything you want to track and recover. The jt20 has a 3yr battery life and daily reports the location of your asset to provide you with peace-of-mind that the systems are operating and your asset is safe. When your asset is stolen, you can change the reporting to hourly intervals and alert the recovery service to track and recover your asset.

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Product Description

The jt20 is a rugged durable battery-operated GPS tracking unit for tracking your bike, quad or any asset. The units comes with a custom-designed rubber weather-proofed mounting for easy mounting options using cable ties, no drilling required.



Dimensions 80x50x30mm
Weight 170g
Battery size 5800mAh
Light Sensor Yes
Chargeable Yes
Battery life: 3 years

Tracking and Recovery Service

Your monthly subscription includes an international SIM card for cross-border roaming with data bundle, tracking portal with Android and Apple Apps a well as a recovery service in the event that you asset is stolen. The recovery service is offered by Afrisist, leading providers in managed recovery services.

Your monthly subscription fee includes unlimited legitimate stolen asset recovery within the borders of South Africa. Cross border activations may carry additional costs which can vary from R1500 to R3500 per hour. Non-legitimate activations are domestic disputes, use without consent, false alarms/testing etc.

A legitimate theft or hijacking is verified by a SAPS case number. However, our control room will not wait for the case number to be dispatched. We will always dispatch immediately on instruction. The non-legitimate activations are charged at R1000 per hour.