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JT300 Personal Tracker:

justTRAC uses small devices with monthly service charges to suit everyone.

The jt300 is a small battery operated unit suited for tracking of riders, cyclists, runners and everybody who needs to be monitored. The unit is supplied with an AC-DC charger and charge cable.

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01. Event Tracking

Whether you are an event organizer, team co-ordinator, support crew or competitor, the justTRAC solution provides elegant solutions for tracking of athletes, sharing race progress and results with the audiences, control riders and audit completed routes to improve result integrity.

justTRAC is an easy to use solution for:
•  Display top rider positions to share with race audiences
•  Share the action and results via social media with rider teams
•  Support team can monitor rider progress and location
•  Emergency call button with exact location information

tracking solution how it works

How does it work?

Event organisers can purchase or lease tracking devices for the top riders.  Each rider then puts this small tracking device in his backpack for ease of GPS and cellular signal coverage.  Via the justTRAC software the organisers can allocate riders in user groups that can be made private or public. Public groups will typically just be active during an event and the login details for public groups can then be shared via social media with support team and fans.  Using the login details all fans can access the justTRAC app via smartphones, tablets or PC’s and monitor rider location and progress.  This will be of particular value for long-distance events over multiple days.

02. Extend Provided Layouts

Many Enduro events such as the Roof of Africa are held in beautiful locations which have no detailed map information on Googlemaps. For these events justTRAC provides an unique feature to import the race route in .gpx format via the mobile or PC app.  Rider locations and progress is then displayed on the event route to provide accurate location and progress information. This enables support teams to verify location, progress and results.

How does it work?

Route maps are imported using the PC software. Login to the justTRAC PC software and go to the “ZONE” tab. See the .gpx upload button on the right top and follow the prompts to import the file, remember to save it.  To display the rider progress on the route, open the overlay option on the right and select “routes”.

03. Anywhere You Go

justTRAC uses the GSM 2G or 3G data communication network to link your tracking device via the internet with the justTRAC tracking software. The justTRAC GSM communication solution uses preconfigured SIM modules that will enable roaming between operators to ensure you are always connected, even when crossing borders.

How does it work?

Each tracking device is equipped with a justTRAC managed SIM module which is loaded with data bundle and airtime as is needed to ensure continued tracking of your location. Within the borders of South Africa the system uses data bundles for tracking data while it uses airtime bundles for tracking data outside the borders of South Africa.

When in Lesotho or other neighbouring countries.

We have already loaded your SIM with airtime bundles for tracking outside South Africa and our operational system will ensure we keep your SIM active. However, we do recommend you contact us at and let us know if you plan to do an event crossing borders, just so we can take special care in supporting you.

04. Easy To Operate

justTRAC is specifically developed for ease of user activation and operation, just follow the following steps to activate your device and configure the mobile and PC software application.

Activate Device

Your device is preconfigured and preloaded for operation on the justTRAC adventure tracking solution.  Unpack the unit and charge the device, it is recommended you charge for 12 hours, then follow the link on and login to the justTRAC software using your user name and password which you will received as part of the registration payment.

05. Easy To Monitor

You can monitor the location of multiple riders simultaneously using the PC software or mobile app. Progress of riders can also be monitored on the event route maps to provide clear view of progress and race positions. Use your user name and password to access the software or mobile app and follow the clear tabs and user commands.

Users can monitor a range of parameters including:
•  Actual rider position
•  Actual rider position displayed on an event route map
•  Current and past rider trips

06. Low Cost

The justTRAC devices and monthly services were defined to provide the optimum cost solution for the unique requirements of adventure event tracking. The small GPS devices are available at a one-time cost from EMD Racing and the monthly license and data service subscriptions can be done monthly, quarterly or annually. See more pricing info under products.

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

justTRAC is a complete end-to-end tracking solution and business application which has been optimised for adventure rider tracking. The solution also includes all the standard functions and features for general vehicle and asset tracking.

• Driver monitoring
• Geozone & route violation
• Panic Alert
• Road Speed Limit Alerts
• Scheduled Reports
• Animated replays