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You wouldn’t go on your adventure without your relevant gear… so why get a tracking device without a monthly subscription? Gear your tracking device with a much-needed monthly subscription and be ready for anything!”

Product Quantity

jt300 Enduro Rider Tracker

The jt300 tracks you during enduro rides or events and provides peace-of-mind to your support crew. The jt300 has a powerful battery which can last for 2 or 3 days. It is suited for tracking riders, cyclists, runners and everybody who needs to be monitored over longer periods of extreme endure events.

The unit is supplied with SIM card, AC-DC chargers and charge cable.


Monthly Subscription

  • Access to GPS Tracking System
  • Device updates
  • Client support
  • Unit Excluded
  • Once your payment is registered at justTRAC we will provide you with an email response with your login details. Please allow 48hours to receive your registration information, you can also complete the sign-up and registration at the EMD retail store.
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  • This is a recurring amount.
R145.00 / month