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jt300 Enduro Rider Tracker


The jt300 tracks you during enduro rides or events and provides peace of mind to your support crew. The jt300 has a powerful battery that can last for 2 or 3 days. It is suited for tracking riders, cyclists, runners and everybody who needs to be monitored over longer periods of extreme endure events.

The unit is supplied with SIM card, AC-DC chargers and charge cable.




Our monthly subscription fee includes unlimited legitimate stolen asset recovery within the borders of South Africa. Cross border activations may carry additional costs which can vary from R1500 to R3500 per hour. Non-legitimate activations are domestic disputes, use without consent, false alarms/testing etc. A legitimate theft or hijacking is verified by a SAPS case number. However, our control room will not wait for the case number to be dispatched. We will always dispatch immediately on instruction. The non-legitimate activations are charged at R1000 per hour.


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