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justTRAC offers solutions for rider & athlete tracking as well as tracking of your bike, quad and trailer for protection against theft.


Perfect for adventure and sport events tracking.


Easy to import your route to display multiple rider locations and progress.


Connect via GSM in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and all African countries.

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Just power-on and start tracking, no setting, no configuration needed.


Easy user interface on software and mobile app for multiple user access.


Low device cost and monthly service charges with various bundle options.

Recovery Services

Our monthly subscription fee includes unlimited legitimate stolen asset recovery within the borders of South Africa. Cross border activations may carry additional costs which can vary from R1500 to R3500 per hour. Non-legitimate activations can be classified as domestic disputes, use without consent, false alarms/testing etc. Investigations into these activations will carry a charge of R1000 per hour.

A legitimate theft or hijacking is verified by a SAPS case number. However, our control room will not wait for the case number to be dispatched. We will always dispatch immediately on instruction.


JustTRAC is a specialist tracking solution company. Our focus is small asset tracking and to ease rider monitoring for support, control and event participation. We selected best-of-breed technologies worldwide and developed an end-to-end solution that perfectly meets the needs of this market sector.

justTRAC is part of the Q-KON group of companies who has more than 30 years’ experience in providing specialist communication solutions in Africa for Africa. The Q-KON group has the experience and expertise to ensure service success and long-term customer satisfaction.


Rider Tracking Units for Enduro and Standard Events

jt20 Small Asset Tracker

ZAR950.00 once-off

R950 once-off and R145 monthly subscription

Tracking unit to protect your assets against theft. Ideal for bikes, quads and trailers.

“Fit & Forget” operation with a battery life of three years.

Monthly subscription includes;

– International SIM
– Data bundle including roaming
– Asset recovery service

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jt300 Rider Tracking Device

ZAR 1950.00 once-off

jt300 For Multiple-day Enduro Events

R1950 once-off & R145 monthly subscription
1300mAh Battery
20hrs operating time reporting at intervals of 3 minutes.

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