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Frequently Asked Questions:

Charge the unit for 5 hours using the cable and charger provided. Once fully charged, turn-on the unit outdoor by pressing the “on/off” button until the indicator comes on.

When you turn your device on, make sure the device is in open air, so that the device will be able to establish a GPS signal lock and it must also be in mobile network coverage area. Once powered on, the LED’s will flash, once the start-up sequence is complete the RED POWER LED will be OFF; the GREEN GSM network LED will flash slowly and BLUE GPS LED will be solid ON, then the device is ready for use.

POWER LED – red: Indicates the unit ON / OFF operation. When the unit is switched-on the POWER LED will turn ON and a short while later it will turn OFF. This is to save battery power.

GSM Network – GREEN:  Indicates the status of the GSM network connection. When the GSM signal is good the GREEN GSM LED will flash slowly.

GPS Signal – BLUE: Indicates the status of the GPS signal lock. When the unit has secured a GPS positional lock the GPS blue LED will be ON.

The device is ready to be used when the Power Light is OFF, The GSM green LED flash slowly and the GPS blue LED is ON.

Your device is programmed for maximum battery life. The Power LED will be ON immediately after the unit is switched on and then the LED will turn off to save battery energy.

The SOS button needs to be pressed and held for 4 seconds to activate an alert.  This helps prevent false SOS alerts and the device will vibrate once the message has been sent. Please contact us on to set-up your SOS emergency contact telephone numbers.

When the unit is on, with GPS fixed and sending location information every 3 minutes then the expected battery life is 20 hours. Please note that many factors can influence battery life and operating time.

The red POWER LED will slowly flash once the battery is low and the device will shortly switch-off.

You can also view the device battery level access the online justTRAC application, select the “Asset” tab and view the current battery charge level. The POWER LED will also slow flash to indicate low battery level.

Hold the power button for an estimate of 3 seconds until the RED LED starts flashing fast, indicating the device is switching off, then release the power button. Give the device 5-10 seconds to completely turn off.


You will need to subscribe to the justTRAC tracking software and access the web based tracking solution.

Step 1: Go to Products page and select “Registration & payments”

Step 2: Select your subscription option, complete the form and make the payment.

Step 3: Once your payment is registered at justTRAC we will provide you with an email response with your login details. Please allow 48hours to receive your registration information, you can also complete the sign-up and registration at the EMD retail store.

Please visit us on and download the mobile app for iOS & Andriod following the buttons on the top of the homepage.

The quickest option is to go to and select the “Log-in” button on the top of the home page.

In the justTRAC software go to the ZONES tab (At the top in the middle of the screen). Then see the .gpx button in the top right corner and click this. Browse your computer for your specific .gpx file and click open. The proses of opening the gpx file onto the software may take a minute or two. You can also go to the support page where there will be explained with images how to import a route.

No. Only authorised users to whom you have given access to view your position using the justTRAC software and mobile app can track your device.

The data you see is outdated and old. The justTRAC software and mobile app can only display the data values last received from the device, if this information is not be correct it means the device battery has run flat and the device is not working at the moment.

The icon in the tracking software will be GREY, if the unit is standing still for a long time, in the case of vehicle tracking this will be a “parked” condition.  The icon will be ORANGE when standing still for a short period, for vehicles this mean “idling” and the icon will be GREEN when the device is moving.

Your justTRAC device already includes a GSM network SIM card and your monthly justTRAC service subscription includes the GSM network service chargers. Your standard service subscription includes a data bundle for GPS location tracking and provision for up to 30 SMS’s to control your device. Please contact us on if you require additional services.

Yes. The justTRAC device works the same in all areas. When you are in heavy congested cities with lots of high rise buildings then the GPS data might be less accurate because of the building obstructions.

GPS is a satellite-based navigation system comprised of 24 orbiting satellites. GPS works on the principle that if you know an object’s distance from several known locations, you can then calculate its location. The “known” locations are the GPS satellites, and the distance to the object is measured using the transit time of an encoded signal. The satellites also broadcast a data stream along with the encoded signal to transmit information about their location.

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