Newsletter – 25 May 2023

Heard about Equa Insure?

If you’re a biker, you should and we’ll let them tell you why…

The Motorcycle Underwriting Room was born out of a passion and enthusiasm for motorcycling. By utilising our wealth of knowledge in both the insurance industry and motorbike community, we are able to give riders exactly what they need with peace of mind and confidence that their prized possessions will be looked after by passionate bikers themselves.

We have ridden, commuted, raced and toured hundreds of thousands of kilometres on 2 wheels locally and internationally. We have also built a network of trustworthy, community-based service providers that
allow us to offer an affordable tailor-made insurance solution.

So what’s covered?

Loss & Damage
Extras e.g. Pannier,
Brackets, Crash Bars etc.
Accessories e.g. GPS
We’ll retrieve your bike and
deliver it back to
Whilst you are racing at
most MSA or WOMSA

Your riding gear e.g.
Helmet, Protective
Clothing and Boots
Personal Accident Cover
Legal Expenses for
Traffic Offence Arrests
Medical Evacuation
24 Hour Emergency

Ready for Impi?

If you haven’t already heard, justTRAC will be at the upcoming Impi! We will have a team on site ready to answer any questions you may have and offer any support you may need. We will have trackers ready for rental. Get yours now!

#DIDYOUKNOW: We are offering a special rate of R200 for the entire Impi event!

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