“This is a great device. Not only to know your rider is safe. But to track him on race days and to know where he is, while racing. Afterwards, track the last race and can monitor where the rider dropped his pace and see why? And the after sales support is great”
Dion on our jt300
“This tracking unit Works. With out this device we would never have found our badly injured rider (Jaycee) in the Lesotho mountains as quick as we did. I wish MSA would make Justtrac compulsory for everyone in Off Road Racing. Definitely gets Holeshot MCA race team approval.”
Garith on our jt300
“Super epic device. Made the whole race more exciting for my dad tracking my movements and getting more involved in the race from the pits.”
Russel on our jt102
“What a great device! Thanks JustTRAC for giving us parents a sense of security knowing exactly where our kids are on the track.”
Deidre On Our jt102
“This tracking device is must have for every off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. With this device my pit crew knew exactly where I was every second of the race so if something goes wrong the emergency crew will know exactly where to find me.”
Marcell on our jt102

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