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Enduro Peace of Mind

Motorcycle enduro races bring many happy moments and many different experiences to an enduro family. For the rider, it is a personal challenge or a race to win the championship. For the support crew, it is a hurry-up-and-wait game. For the family back home, it is a long wait to hear the outcome. For everybody supporting the rider, it is a mix between nervously awaiting the outcome and looking forward to the excitement.

Tracking …. Is Sharing … is Caring

Technology for rider positional tracking is a solution that brings piece of mind to the support crew, helps competitive riders cut down seconds, makes family back home part of the experience and gives assurance to the riders that help is just a button away.

GPS positional tracking is not new, and we are all very competent users of smartphone Apps, such as Google Maps and even Strava. While all these mass market solutions can solve different needs for different members of a racing family, it takes a very specific developed solution to be the perfect match.

Technology is wonderful! We have learnt to use technology to fix all sorts of daily challenges so it is no wonder that we can use technology to also make racing so much more for everybody involved.

Matched for Perfection

Tracking solutions for the enduro rider needs to include the following special extra requirements to be the perfect fit.

Route Info:

Enduro events are not done on Google map roads. You need to be able to import the GPS route so that you can see rider progress and location.

GSM Roaming:

Popular events are held in Botswana and in Lesotho so tracking solutions must work without the hassle of changing SIM cards or paying extra data roaming charges.

Rugged, light, long battery life:

It is an enduro race –  mud, water and extreme weather is the norm. Your tracker must be small, weather resistant and able to last multiple days without a recharge.

Team Info:

It’s a team sport and support crew and fans want to monitor the progress of all the riders at the same time.

Staying in Touch:

Smartphone App’s and other 3G based solutions work very well in the city with perfect GSM coverage.  The only small problem is that enduro events are not held in cities. Most of the time the 3G data connections are weak at the pits and on the routes, which complicates the use of any 3G based tracking solution. The solution to this is to have an end-to-end technology solution that includes “anywhere” internet by satellite with local Wi-Fi to connect the users.

It’s an end-to-end commitment. Technology is great and can do different magic for different users. For enduro riders, it’s a means to share the happiness with the folks back home. It keeps the support crew informed and relaxed and it gives the rider a safety-mode to call for help. Technology can even be used to keep everybody connected at the most remote pit locations. When you consider a tracking solution, make sure you think of all the elements and then partner with a solution provider that has developed an end-to-end solution for this specialized market. It is all possible, it works and it is available.

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