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Hitler’s-Revenge, Music-Box, Never-ending-story, black-neck-pass and some other names not suited for public mediums. These are the jargon that belongs to the Roof of Africa and which is standard vocabulary among the veterans, the elite riders and many other riders who either completed or is still planning to complete this enduro event.

Stories of the Roof of Africa are mostly colourful tales of the training before the event, the preparations, the ride, breakdowns, achievements and of course… the great sense of conquering the race! Yet, occasionally, it also includes disappointments, perhaps an injury and in some cases, a complete nightmare experience from anything they had prepared before this difficult event. It is horrifying to think how hours of training wasn’t enough and how getting completely lost on the GPS route destroyed the race.

Why train if you can simulate?

From attending the daily crossfit classes to the 6-hours-a-week rides at DeWildt, training for this event is vital. Your training will depend on your own personal goal and plan for the race. All this training is a necessity… or so they say. Yet, somehow no amount of training can quite prepare you for all the encounters with nature, the difficulties you may face along the way or the overwhelming feelings of excitement and terror through each part of the race.

To be prepared, it is best to simulate for the Roof of Africa. The need to experience how quickly it gets dark in those mountains,  the 4-seasons weather experience all in one day, the need to get back to base on an empty stomach or sleep in the mountains, the worrying feelings that all the cattle paths look the same and that your GPS has now lost itself.

To prepare for the Roof of Africa, you need to experience the ride in the kingdom of Lesotho. You need to simulate what lays ahead. Nothing prepares you better for the race than Lesotho itself. This is, however, easier said than done!

Mr. King, the King of the Mountain Kingdom

For some of us fortunate enough to who know Stephen King, we have access to practical, realistic and affordable Roof of Africa simulator weekends that are just a phone call away. 

A weekend with Stephen in Lesotho is a 360-degree experience that will equip any rider to complete the Roof of Africa.  Stephan’s knowledge of the mountains, passes, routes, challenges, what to do and what not to do really is endless and worth gold!

Adding to this his natural talent as coach to train and equip riders with the necessary skills, his connections to arrange accommodation along with his skewed sense of humour to start training at 6 o’clock on the “starting grid”, prepares anybody for what the race will demand.

We are privileged to have Stephen on the Q-KON EMD Racing Team! He has been the core instrument to the successes of our Roof of Africa riders. This includes Dieter, who finished in 11th place and won a bronze in his very 1st year of enduro riding.

Stephen knows Lesotho by hand! He loves enduro biking and he is a tremendously talented coach.

Just add peace-of-mind…

Now that you’ve trained for the race, have you thought about safety? Lesotho is a big place. The mountains are unforgiving, and the rides are endless. Anything can happen! For this reason, we have developed the JustTRAC solution and we made 100% sure that it works in the remote Lesotho mountains. The JustTRAC solution will make sure your support crew can follow you no matter how deep you go and that you can always call for help if needed!

The right mindset, Stephen King and JustTRAC… The perfect package in competing in the Roof of Africa!


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