The Roof of Africa – Advice for Wives, Girlfriends and Mothers

If you haven’t yet heard of the Roof of Africa, it is one of the most extreme and hard motorcycle endurance races of our time. It covers a distance of 250 km in a single loop with remote refueling points and average estimated speeds of less than 60km/h due to the harsh terrain. 

Top riders from around the world gather in Lesotho to navigate southern Africa’s highest mountain peaks and treacherous passes. Pre-race stories heighten already-taut nerves with discussions about past competitors caught up in extreme adverse elements and faced with flooded rivers.

Under these nerve-wracking conditions, it’s easy for wives, girlfriends and mothers to get caught up in the excitement, so we’ve put together a helpful little list of requests from the competitors.

What you may NOT do:

  • Please don’t post JustTRAC screenshots of my progress on Facebook when I’m going at my slowest; it just doesn’t look cool with my mates!
  • Please don’t phone me if you see there is no movement on my tracker; I am otherwise occupied trying to stay upright on my bike.
  • Also, please don’t send out the Support Team if you detect no movement on the tracker – I’m probably just catching my breath after navigating the last grueling pass.
  • IF I need help, I will press the emergency SOS button on my JustTRAC tracker – you do not need to panic on my behalf.
  • Please keep your cute first aid kit out of sight; the emergency crews have their own.
  • Please don’t ask me to pose for a picture during a pit stop – again, not cool!

What you MAY do:

  • The weather is extremely unpredictable in Lesotho so take clothes for all seasons – you may use everything in Lesotho in just one day, and I won’t be around to lend you my jacket.
  • Please don’t drive in Lesotho like I know you do in SA – you also need to watch out for the odd goat or cow crossing the road.
  • We will be out in the “bundus”, so pack some “padkos”. There are no corner McDonalds’ in the mountain passes.
  • You will need to pack some of that “white gold” as we call it at home, for when nature calls. Your nearest toilet may be the closest bush!

Lastly, when I drag my exhausted body over the finish line, I will be tired but excited…. Throw your arms around my dirty body and tell me how proud you are of me and just how much you love me!

Article written on behalf of JustTRAC by Lisl Whytock

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