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Adventure rides, enduro events, mountain bike races… these are all challenging, enjoyable and adrenaline loaded experiences. Riders, support crews and spectators all look forward to the challenge, the excitement and the satisfaction.

Outdoor adventure events create many memories and offer an opportunity to live life to the fullest, but with outdoor adventures also comes risks, accidents are inevitable and anything is possible out in the open. Most events are very well organized which typically include; extensive route planning and marking, route marshals, emergency medical response and recovery teams on standby.

These support teams are critical when it comes to dealing with any emergency and brings peace of mind to the participants and support teams.

Just add location

Recovery and medical teams can deal with emergencies when they have accurate location information and can pinpoint accidents. For events such as motorcycle enduro races held in mountainous regions, this is easier said than done.

In these situations, justTRAC provides the ideal solution and can give medical staff pinpoint accident location accuracy with route directions transferred into Google Maps.

Part of the justTRAC enduro tracking functions is a location feature that allows support teams to be directed directly to the last rider location and incident point.

This location information is easily transferred to Google Maps which is then used to guide emergency teams on the shortest possible route to the accident.

Live Lesotho 400

During the recent Live Lesotho 400 race held in Maseru, the justTRAC location tracking features were used to help with the effective recovery of Jaycee Nienaber, who is part of the MCA Holeshot Team.

Jaycee used the JT300 tracking unit, enabling his support team to track his position on the race route. The justTRAC app has a unique feature that allows users to import the race’s GPS route and to show the rider location on the route.

Jaycee’s accident location was quickly forwarded to the ER24 team who used Google Maps to get swift direction to the accident location.

We are thankful that justTRAC could add a critical piece to Jaycee’s successful evacuation from the mountain region. We wish Jaycee a speedy and full recovery!

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